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Yoga is an inner attitude which gives me balance and is part of my whole way of life.

About me

Physical exercise and spending time in nature have always been important to me. In my youth I was a competitive athlete and after graduating I studied sports. An accident and a failed surgery forced me to give up my sports studies – instead of a diploma I got the diagnosis of being unable to work and being slightly disabled for the rest of my life. I was aware of the fact that my health condition and my way of life were my own responsibility. I did physical exercise, visualized and had some more surgeries. I was finally able to do sports again – almost without any restrictions. But officially I still was disabled. Regarding my career I explored new horizons and worked in the field of international trade for 13 years.

My Path to Yoga

Due to my job, which was connected with travelling, time pressure and the pressure to succeed my awareness of the connection between mental and physical balance, success and health increased. However, the pressure I was under finally resulted in back problems and numbness in my leg. The reasons were, of course, not only my restricted mobility – it were also the restrictions in my life I had to deal with due to my job. The doctors told me to get a disc surgery. But I decided for a different approach: Yoga

How Yoga Helped me to Recover

This was the beginning of a new passion and my way to health, serenity and self-awareness. My physical complaints were soon reduced and after 20 years my right leg became completely mobile again. Yoga was important and accompanied me through the day, it helped me to find relaxation in my daily life shaped by travelling and stress. It helped me to stay with myself and to bring balance to my body.

Spiritual Growth– my Path to More Awareness

Due to my past I became increasingly interested in alternative treatments. I continued my studies in the subjects of mental training, coaching, relaxation techniques, yoga and yoga therapy. A special experience was the therapeutic yoga training at the White Lotus Foundation in California. I expected to learn more about the yoga poses and their effect on the locomotor system. But instead, I learned that it was more about subtle bodies than only muscles and joints. The complete training was focused on working with seriously ill people. I learned about the meaning of energy, relaxation, calm and breath and found a new basic way to help people suffering from pain and fears. For the first time I realized that my own path was also going to change.

Kundalini Yoga

Shortly afterwards I heard of Kundalini Yoga by Yogi Bhajan. After my first lesson I noticed that something deep inside of me had moved. With fascination and eager for knowledge I subscribed for a Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. Practicing Kundalini Yoga – which is also called the yoga of awareness – suddenly changed my mind. First, my former job seemed boring and then it was completely senseless to me.

A new Beginning

Since 2013 I focused on health coaching, yoga therapy and teaching Kundalini Yoga. With a holistic approach I specialized in working with people who suffer from chronic diseases, blockades caused by stress and addictions.