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Julia Schregel & die Yogatherapie Life Changing Yoga mit Kundalini Yoga Kursen in Meilen und Zürich

Welcome to Life Changing Yoga!

Yoga means unity between body, spirit and soul but also unity between individual and universal consciousness.

To me, Yoga is the path of awareness and love  – awareness for my body, my thoughts and my soul – but also in respect to my fellow human beings and my environment.

Yoga is an inner attitude, which gives me balance and became part of my way of life. Being mindful means to sense. What is good for me? How do I affect myself and other people with my words, thoughts and actions?

With this website I would like to inform and motivate you to try something new and to take over responsibility for your health. No matter in which state you are at the moment – you are always able to change something. Sometimes just another way of thinking or breathing can release physical or emotional pain and suffering and help you to feel much better.

The fundamental basis of a healthy and happy life lies in the simple things, which we often take for granted.

Have you ever wondered about the water you drink and what it consists of? Which air you breathe in and how you breathe? Do you pay attention to what you eat? Does your body get everything it needs? How does your nutrition affect your digestion and your mood? Do you know how your body „works?“ Do you exercise enough? Are your thoughts your own thoughts?

I invite you to browse my website and to read the topics which concern you.

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serenity and yoga practicing at waterfall Kanto Lampo, Bali,Indonesia
Bringing body, mind and soul into balance

If we lose our own way, our soul will point that out to us in one or the other way. This could by a feeling of exhaustion, futility or depression or even forms of physical illness. As a yoga therapist I will help you to find your way, to take a look inside yourself and to follow a new direction towards well-being and health.

Therapeutic yoga helps you through difficult life situations!

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Kundalini Yoga

Young woman practicing yoga on the beach.Yoga of awareness – Kundalini Yoga by Yogi Bhajan
Kundalini Yoga is a complex science concerning the breath, yoga poses or dynamic movements, sounds in the form of mantras, deep relaxation and meditation. Compared to other types of yoga, Kundalini Yoga differentiates through easier postures. Therefore, it is suitable for people of all physical conditions.
Experience relaxation and your feeling of well-being will increase.


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Entgiftung & Ernährungsumstellung - Nahrung ist mehr als Essen und Trinken!

What nourishes us

Nutrition is much more than what we eat and drink. We need energy for being alive and there are many ways to absorb this energy. If we, for example, do something that makes us really happy, something that initiates us with dedication and enthusiasm, we are in a high energetic state – in the flow. Or, let’s take the example of being in love with somebody – we forget to eat, we can hardly sleep and are still full of joy, power and energy.
Fortunately, a proper nutrition is no secret – it can be learned!

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Yoga & Yogatherapie Stunden, Kurse & Retweets Yoga unites body, mind and soul and brings us into balance
Yoga improves the well-being and helps to preserve health or to recover. On a physical level muscles, joints, glands, the nerve system and the cardiovascular system are strengthened and activated. On the psychological and spiritual level yoga will give us relaxation and bring us to a higher consciousness – not only for ourselves but also with respect to our connection to the people around us and the universe.
I would be happy to advise you. Take advantage of the opportunity and book your appointment.

I am looking forward to meeting you.

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About me

Julia Schregel Yoga TherapieAmong other things I have specialized in chronical diseases, blockades caused by stress, nutrition and addictions
Kundalini Yoga consistently inspires me, because it shows pretty fast noticeable changes in the physical and mental states of my clients and also offers a deep personal experience. Yoga Therapy is so effective because we reach new states of consciousness by practicing those poses and breathing exercises as well as meditation and deep relaxation – physical and psychological tensions are released.
Try it!

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“Detox Body & Mind” – Yoga Traveling

Exclusive Kundalini Yoga RetreatExclusive Kundalini Yoga Retreats

Julia Schregel is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and trained in Yoga therapy and mental training. Julia’s Workshops and Retreats allow a deep self-experience and set a basis for change.
Awareness, stress time-out & good nutrition



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