The Pillars of Health – The Key Lies in Simplicity

Fresh air, oxygen, water, healthy nutrition, mental hygiene, physical exercise and relaxation as well as a loving attitude towards oneself and others are the basic pillars of health.

Especially because water and oxygen are often taken for granted I will mention a few aspects here.

Airnergy Atem-, Atmungstankstelle mit aktiviertem Sauerstoff

Breath and Oxygen

Even though breathing and oxygen intake are vital for us humans, we usually hardly pay attention on our breath. However, breathing is one of the pillars of self-healing, health, youth and a long life.

Breathe yourself healthy! 

By inhaling our cells are supplied with oxygen and by exhaling we detox our body. Yet most people have forgotten how to breathe properly although breathing is the most important vital function.

A chronically reduced oxygen supply leads to quicker aging and to diseases. For example, cancer cells are only able to live in anearobic environment. Negative emotions, stress and fear can be alleviated with breathing exercises. Conscious breathing offers many positive and vital effects on our body and our metal state.

Airnergy Atem-, Atmungs - und Gesundheitstankstelle mit aktiviertem SauerstoffYour Breath is the Mirror of Your Condition

When we are relaxed, our breath is deep and calm. In stressful situations – and that is what most of us experience day by day – our breath is short and fast. Our breath is influenced by external circumstances. However, by breathing consciously we can calm our mind, overcome fatigue and balance our daily burdens.

Of course, the quality of the air we breathe plays an important role. Spending time in nature walking through a forest, hike in the mountains or just take a walk in the rain to breathe in fresh air. 

Or why don’t you try a device called Airnergy, which shows tremendous positive effects after only a few minutes and which supplies ours cells with new energy and pure oxygen. This device is not only recommended to top athletes, people suffering from a disease or stressed managers. Just do a test at a so-called  “Atemtankstelle“ (a station for breathing).


Water – Pure Elixir of Life

Wasser gefiltert, rein, sauber, gesund & ohne Hormone, Chemikalien

Our bodies consist of approx. 75 % of water. We need water for the transport of nutrients, to dispose waste materials and for all other activities taking place in our body. But what happens if the water we drink is already saturated? In this case, the water cannot fulfil its function of transporting nutrients.

Environmental pollution, medicine, chlorines and other toxins, which can’t be removed by treatment plants, deteriorate the quality of our water – even in the mountains. That causes dehydration, slagging, over acidification and even hormonal disorders – especially among children and men – by drinking female hormones contained in the water.

Have you ever thought about the water you drink, what you use for cooking or which water you use for washing your vegetables? It is really worth thinking about. Tap water has usually a better quality than the bottled water you buy. The best option is to get a water filter installed in your kitchen, which assures top water quality and a comfortable supply of fresh drinking water.


What nourishes us

Nutrition is much more than what we eat and drink. We need energy to live and there are many ways to absorb energy. If ,for example, we doing something that we really enjoy, something that we do with dedication and enthusiasm, we are in a high energetic state – we  are in the flow. Or, let’s take the example of being in love with someone – we forget to eat, we can hardly sleep and are still full of joy, power and energy. On the other hand one unfriendly word or an evil eye can weaken us within a fraction of a second. Or take the example of  a job or spending time with someone that we dislike – both will drain our energy and make us feel exhausted.

The healthiest food in the world won’t give us enough energy if  e.g. have an unhappy relationship or a job we don’t like.

Hence, we can make a distinction between primary and secondary “foods”.


Primary Food includes:

  • Relationships, love, contact, sexuality and communication

  • Physical activities

  • Job and career

  • Spirituality

Secondary Food includes what we normally consider as food, meaning everything we eat and drink.

Find out what is good for you

Every person has individual needs. There is no ideal way of life or perfect diet that suits everyone.

I put great emphasis in considering my clients individual factors and I help them in finding their own, personal way.


Detoxification and Change in Diet

Modern lifestyle has a big impact on the quality of our diet. The amount of toxins, sugar and artificial additives has never been higher. If you want to keep well and fit, you will have to pay attention to you nutrition and if necessary change some eating habits.

A holistic metabolic program is ideal for detoxification, purification and the reduction of fat deposits. On the other hand it lays the foundation for a permanent change of diet.

Most of us suffer from micronutrient deficiency (a lack of vital substances such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements) while their diet offers an overload of macronutrients (carbohydrates, sugar, unhealthy fats and proteins).

To guarantee a healthy change in diet the program should be supported by micronutrients and high-quality amino acids. This ensures fast cell regeneration or cell renewal, and enables our body to maintain a healthy metabolism. Within a few weeks you will feel rejuvenated, vital and full of energy.

I’m happy to analyse your nutrition and energy balance with this holistic approach and to set up a program, that will be suitable for your special needs.